Mega Food Parks

Mega Food Parks are comprehensive industrial estates for food processing units where the industries would have provision of common facilities like infrastructure, cold storage, cold chain, effluent treatment plant, warehousing power connection, water facilities, sewerage etc. The construction of these common infrastructures would benefit to any individual units particularly the small and medium scale units, because these are expensive to be set up by any single individual unit. Therefore a common park with all the infrastructures would help in the growth of the food processing industry reducing wastage.

The proposed processing units that can be set up in the Mega Food Parks will be location specific and dependent on available raw materials. Processing Units in the Park could be IQF Frozen Foods, Fruits & Vegetables Processing, Mango/Tomato/ Banana/ Pineapple/ Guava Processing Pulp/Puree/Concentrates, Aseptic Juices, Nectars, Drinks, Tetra pack Aseptic Packaging Plant, Vacuum Drying, Candies, Papain Extraction, Enzymes & Oleoresins distillation. In Instant Foods -Ready to cook Vada, dosa, Idly, Cutlets etc, Specialty Foods-Energy drink mix, Wellness foods, Ready Meals Sterilized Fruits, Vegetables, Cereals Confectionery Plant-Chocolates -Cocoa processing Spices / Tastemakers Development unit-Seasonings Natural Color Extracts etc.

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