MITS Mega Food Park Ltd. would be a role model in implementation of sustainability and green initiatives concepts to support environment. We with our team of experts will implement and guide units in creating more sustainable industry .

Water efficiency, use of green building materials and HVAC systems, responsible procurement of sustainable foods, as well as local purchasing, green environment and public care are other factors for foodservice firms plays role in Sustainability.

Food preparation is the leading source of energy consumption in the industry, at 35 percent. That is followed by HVAC (28 percent), sanitation (18 percent), lighting (13 percent) and refrigeration (6 percent).

To reduce energy use, minimizing heat loss and gain we provide a unique consulting and technical assistance service, partners with healthcare facilities, public & private schools, and community organizations to incorporate sustainability practices that are healthier for customers, local economies and the planet into their food programs.

Our sustainable system teams with you to complete an evaluation of your entire food system Food and Products, Facilities, Community, Communication and Responsibility to determine to what extent your program utilize sustainability practices.

We then identify opportunities for implementing simple, sustainable changes to create real and lasting systems change in food service programs.

We collaboratively develop and oversee a realistic action plan to achieve the results you desire based on your goals and objectives.

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